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Re: Discovery could Endanger T.Rex Name

In a message dated 06/15/2000 2:23:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
bettyc@flyinggoat.com writes:

<< or Eohippus for that matter... >>

>From what I've heard on the matter, Eohippus is a far more complicated 
taxonomic situation than Apatosaurus, since apparently A. Hyracotherium 
proper (the European type species) is NOT the same as the North American 
"dawn horse", rather, it is some sort of basal paleothere. B. The type 
specimen of Eohippus is rather poor and ALSO is not the familiar "dawn horse" 
but rather is probably an isectolophid, leaving C. The North American animal 
that has long been known as "Eohippus"/"Hyracotherium" in need of a name, 
with the first available one in the literature being _Protorohippus_, if I'm 
not mistaken. All in all, a very confusing situation.

Christian Kammerer