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Re: New T. rex skeleton found

"The female T. rex was always bigger than the male," Sundell said.  Ahhhh...

And, what's all of this talk about how he (Sundell) should get money out of 
this.  He is a Kansas U. graduate student, digging on a rancher's land.  He 
says that "there should be a monetary consideration, both for the landowner and 
the researchers who found this."  He also says "I strongly believe this T. rex 
should go to a museum."  Are they thinking of selling it to a private 
collector?  If so, then why should he, a degreed paleontologist, get money from 
the sale??? 

I see a little conflict of interest.  Either be a professional, academic, 
degreed paleontologist or be a commercial fossil hunter.  You can't do both.

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