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Re: bauplan convergence

Betty wrote:

>And the hoppy flappy thing seems most likley to introduce launch situations
to such animals.  I'd forgotten who suggested this onlist, but I didn't
originate the idea.  It just makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.<

Several people, including myself, have suggested this type of behavior as
one that, in the presence of protofeathers (or dinofuzz), would likely
benefit manueverability and therefore be subject to selection for
improvements in stroke power and aerodynamic contribution of the feathers
(or fuzz).  I know the discussion along these lines goes back on this list
at least to 1995. It likely goes back even further, although not in any
"formal" context.

>In chasing prey on the ground only the most dimwitted hunter would start
flapping his arms around<

With respect to bipedal cursors, I disagree.  As someone pointed out to me
recently, watching soccer players--or better yet, long jumpers--can give
insight into how arms are used to influence or control direction or
trajectory. If those arms were feathered, protofeathered or dinofuzzed--for
whatever reason--aerodynamic advantages would be important, probably >very<