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Re: bauplan convergence

Who said it had to be a hunter?  I can imagine that a feathered prey
could use this affect to great advantage in cornering.  

At 05:19 PM 6/16/00 -0400, Patrick Norton wrote:
>>In chasing prey on the ground only the most dimwitted hunter would start
>flapping his arms around<
>Although I disagree with Betty on this point, I remain puzzled about the
>evolutionary sequences that produced an arm that appears optimal for an
>outstretched flapping motion but also folds so neatly against the body and
>fits so well with a streamlined bipedal cursorial bauplan. If you look only
>at the avian wing as an adaptation for flight, it looks (to me anyway) far
>less complicated than if you look at the whole >bird< as an animal that was
>simultaneously being modified for flight and cusorialty.