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Re: new T. rex?????

Let me remind the list that we do not aid in giving publicity to nor act as
an advertising medium for fossil discoveries which are intended for sale. 
While it is exciting that a new T. rex has been found, the surrounding
information is at odds with our Administrivia at:
and in particular Section 8a):
    a) Attempting to use the list for advertising fossils
    The first such infraction is using the list as a means to aid in the 
    selling or buying of fossils. All of us involved in list maintenance feel
    quite strongly that the list's resources should not be used for that 
    purpose. If you advertise a fossil for sale (even if you're not the one
     who'll be collecting the money) you may be removed from the list 
    without warning. If you pass along a message that is not explicitly 
    an advertisement but serves to alert others of a location where an 
    advertisement can be found (for example, giving a url to the site) -- 
    even if you're mentioning the advertisement only to lament its 
    existence -- you will be warned not to do so again. If you repeat 
    such n infraction and we have even the slightest suspicion that you 
    did so in willful disregard of the list's policies you will be 
    removed from the list.

Anyone who posts further information, including a url, on this find should
be very sure that it contains no references to the fossil as a commodity
intended for the marketplace. 

Mary Kirkaldy
Dinosaur Mailing List Co-owner