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Re: bauplan convergence

At 11:18 PM 6/16/00 -0700, Rob Gay wrote:
The main problem I have with avian flight originating in trees, is that I can't see a good reason for animals to be leaping from them, unless they had a sort of death wish.

Why do ordinary squirrels, ordinary lemurs, monkeys, lizards and snakes leap from trees?

Whatever the reason, it is sufficiently compelling that many, if not most, arboreal and scansorial animals do it. Ergo, it is likely that any extinct arboreal/scansorial animal would do so as well.

flying cat. As far as I can tell, most cats climb down out of the trees instead of taking a 20 foot vertical drop.

Actually, cats are notorious for their "death-defying" leaps. TRemember, they are said to always land on their feet.

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