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Mesozoic Biogeography

Hello all!
I have been trying to get a comprehensive understanding of how the different biogeographic realms were separated in the Mesozoic, and I have a couple of questions that someone out there can hopefully answer.  Please note, however, that when I ask whether two areas were united, I mean united biogeographically, not simply geographically.  (For example, today, the Nearctic Realm [North America] is geographically connected to the Neotropical Realm [South America], but they are separate biogeographic realms.)  Okay, here we go:
In the Early Cretaceous, were South America and Africa the same biogeographic realm, or two separate ones?
In the Middle Jurassic, was Europe part of the same realm as Central Asia, part of the same realm as Neopangaea [NA + SA + Africa + Australia + Antarctica], or its own individual realm?
Finally, what was the scoop in the Early Jurassic?  I don't understand it at all, especially what Madagascar was part of.
Thanks in advance, everybody!
Grant Harding
High school student/amateur paleontologist
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