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Re: "Feathery fossil shows birds aren't dinosaurs"

--- MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:

> This week's Science issue is not yet on-line, but
> here is the Reuters take on _Longisquama insignis_.

> Feathery fossil shows birds aren't dinosaurs-report 
> Reuters
> Jun 22 2000 3:34PM ET     
> WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The ancient fossil of a
> little tree-climbing reptile has a frill of feathers
> that casts doubt on theories that modern-day birds
> evolved from dinosaurs, scientists said Thursday.

I thought that the idea that animals like
_Longisquama_ gave rise to birds was a canard (pardon
the expression) given up long ago.  

How do these no-dino people explain the rather
striking similarity between bird skeletons and those
of certain small theropods?  Surely not in BCF terms?


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