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Re: Traveling Sue exhibit in Boston

I remember reading in the local paper (San Jose Mercury News) that there are two exibts, sponsored by McDonald's, traveling the country over the next two years...if my memory serves me correctly, the other one is in Hawaii.

From: Jeff Hecht <jhecht@world.std.com>
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Subject: Traveling Sue exhibit in Boston
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:39:45 -0400

A traveling Sue the T. rex exhibit opens today at the Boston Museum
of Science, and stays until September 4. You have to dig into the
fine print before you see it's a model. Today's Boston Globe had a
front-page picture with a caption that implied Sue herself was paying
a visit, which was almost as great a surprise to me as it would be to
the staff at the Field Museum <g>. Is this the only traveling
exhibit, or are there others?

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