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RE: Turtle ancestry (somewhat off-topic)

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> From: T.A. Curtis [mailto:kodiak@ohmaha.inetworld.net]
> Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 4:34 PM
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> Subject: Turtle ancestry (somewhat off-topic)
>       Actually, genetic sequencing seems to show that turtles are more
> closely related to crocodiles than crocs are to birds. [...]
> According to the study, birds split from the line leading to
> turtles 228±10.3 MYA while turtles and crocs split just
> 207±20.5 MYA.

So that could mean any of the pairs (217.7, 186.5), (238.3, 227.5), (217.7,
227.5) or (238.3, 186.5) -- or actually points within this "rectangle" --
with varying probabilities, right? So what happened first isn't at all
completely clear from these points (actually ranges) in time for the two
splitpoints. One of the extremes in the rectangle mentioned above gives the
turtle/croc split about 10 MY longer ago than the bird/croc split so that
could still have happened based on this information.

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