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Re: warm-bloodedness

<With cladistics, _Archaeopteryx_ is a member of the Aves - as well as a
member of the Saurischia, AND a member of the Dinosauria.  There is no
reason for these categories to be mutually exclusive.>

Is Archie an Aves?
Hypothesize for a moment that the true situation is that different
populations of a species gave rise to two lines at different times in
different places, one leading to Archie, which went extinct, and the other
leading to modern birds.  Should we say that Archie is a bird because of the
shared ancestor?
The concrete example I'm using as a model for the question is the relation
between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens.  If the category you were looking at
was a descendant of Homo Sapiens would you include Neanderthals?
This is not an argument about a specific method of grouping; I'm asking
about the approach used in making a decision.