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On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Ken Kinman wrote:

> Mike,
>       In the classification of Thecodontiformes which I just posted, I don't 
> include Pseudolagosuchus, preferring to place it near Eoraptor as basal 
> members of Order Saurischiformes.

_Marasuchus_ then.

So Saurischiformes is paraphyletic? Why?

>      I placed Sphenosuchidae as sister group to Order Crocodyliformes, and 
> Poposauridae is sister to that clade.

And hence your system is superior to the traditional one. But still, why
even recognize a group that includes Spenosuchidae with _Drepanosaurus_
and not with Protosuchidae? If you want a group that doesn't include the
lineages that survived the Triassic, how about "Triassic

>      As for Sharovipterygidae, I am still uncertain of it's placement, and 
> that is why I coded it with a question mark.

Fair enough.

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