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Ken Kinman wrote:

Thecodontia is a paraphyletic group, not a polyphyletic "trash-can".

Now that you mention it, it WAS a polyphyletic trash-can. The Thecodontia became a receptacle for any Triassic reptile that appeared to be an archosaur and did not appear to be a dinosaur, crocodilian or pterosaur. I've seen _Longisquama_, _Sharovipteryx_ (_Podopteryx_) and _Hupehsuchus_ all shoehorned into the Thecodontia. For the most part the Thecodontia was a paraphyletic waste-basket, but its membership became so broad and ill-defined that it occasionally the Thecodontia did become polyphyletic.

Come back Dr Holtz, all is forgiven!!!

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