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Re: bauplan convergence (EXTREMELY SARCASTIC!)

<What a fantastic example of what paleontology can accomplish:  independent
sources converging to a unified conclusion about the relatedness of
vertebrates, for instance.  Don't you find it absolutely amazing that
there is this hierarchy of life and that there is this agreement?>

The fact that ideas converge is not among the great accomplishments of
paleontology.  As philosophers have gleefully argued, that scientists in a
certain place at a certain time LOOK AT certain ideas can be considered
socially derived.
However, as you consistently and correctly point out, a hypothesis does not
live unless it survives test by fact.  To me (for what it's worth), the real
accomplishment is to find ways of discovering facts that would not even
occur to most people and to draw testable logical inferences directly from
those facts.
The genius of paleontology is primarily in its wonderful observations and
not in its overarching theories.  Without paleontology, long dead animals
would stay dead.
Please take this as an expression of gratitude.