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Re: replying to pomposity

Ken Kinman wrote:

<Dr. Headden,>

  Briefly, and I will return to the rest of the
message tomorrow (today to most of you, I work as
night, so as you can imagine, my impressions of what's
a day is a little different), I need to say that,
however flattered I am by being labelled a "doctor,"
neither am I a doctor nor do I hold any degrees,
though that will change. Gosh ... you know, I really
am flattered :).

Jaime "James" A. Headden

  Dinosaurs are horrible, terrible creatures! Even the
  fluffy ones, the snuggle-up-at-night-with ones. You think
  they're fun and sweet, but watch out for that stray tail
  spike! Down, gaston, down, boy! No, not on top of Momma!

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