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Re: a universal Reptilia (ending the cladisto-eclectic war)

Cranky aroma? You really know how to to endear yourself to people!!??
Actually I have been using the Kinman System since 1979. I found it so useful, that I decided to share it and publish a book about it (at my OWN expense) in 1994. If I was just looking to make money, I certainly wouldn't have chosen this kind of book. And classifying all of life as one really huge example (so various disciplines could relate to it) was no easy task.
Not only has it been a financial drain and very time consuming, but I get criticism from both sides. Eclecticists think I'm a cladist, and cladists think I'm an eclecticist. And most of them haven't even looked at the book. Enough university libraries in the U.S. have it that it shouldn't be too hard to find or borrow on Interlibrary Loan.
I wasn't feeling very cranky earlier, but feeling a bit cranky after that "aroma" comment.
Gee whiz, Ken
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Subject: Re: a universal Reptilia (ending the cladisto-eclectic war)
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:38:04 EDT

In a message dated 6/20/00 1:46:54 PM EST, stonebugdotnet@yahoo.com writes:

<< What is it that's not neutral about "Kinman system," anyway? >>

Well, suppose I called BCF "Dinogeorge's Theory of Dinosaur-Bird
Relationships"? Or GOODD theory: George Olshevsky On Dinosaur Descent: as
opposed to BADD theory (Birds Are Dinosaur Descendants)? Not exactly neutral
names, are they? Having Kinman push the Kinman system of classification
carries a cranky aroma with it. Charles Darwin didn't call his own theory
Darwinian Evolution; other people did, later.

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