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Re: bauplan convergence (NOT SO SARCASTIC!)

In a message dated 6/20/00 2:27:01 PM EST, scott_hartman@hotmail.com writes:

<< I agree, George, that you haven't _intentionally_ maligned anyones 
 work, but regardless, you have (probably unintentionlly) encouraged a rather 
 naive view of science.  If not a whole arm, I would certainly sacrifice some 
 toes in order to directly observe dinosaurs in their habittat.  But this is 
 merely an emotional reaction to the viseral pleasure humans associate with 
 sensual experience, as opposed to rational cognition. >>

With me, rational cognition >is< a visceral pleasure. Otherwise I wouldn't be 
writing about dinosaurs, I'd be writing romance novels or some such. I would 
hope that rational cognition is a visceral pleasure for all scientists; 
otherwise they're in the wrong profession. There's nothing naive about this.