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Re: Climbing Archaeopteryx (was Re: bauplan convergence)

Dann Pigdon wrote:

>Thor C. Gran III wrote: 

>>The Hoatzin bird (Opisthocomus hoatzin), in 
>>it's immature form, does pretty much what you're 
>>talking about. Using it's wing claws and beak it is 
>>able to climb fairly well. 

>Juvenile hoatzin don't have primary flight feathers 
>to worry about. This could be why they don't climb 
>that way as adults, and why the manual claws 
>aren't important and disappear.

True. Now that I think about it they don't have much by way of feathers
at all when they're young.

So much for that idea :)

Do adult Hoatzin, with their atrophied claws, climb at all? I think I
recall having seen something about the adults climbing a bit, but I
wouldn't swear to it. As poorly as they fly it would seem to be helpful
for them to get higher in the trees prior to takeoff.

Thor C. Gran III

"Doubtless the reason many of the dinosaurs died is that their bodies
were too big for their brains. With smaller bodies and bigger brains
they might have lived on."

  Golden Treasury of Natural History - 1952