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Re: Traveling Sue exhibit in Boston

The original "arrangement" made at the time of the Sotheby's auction was that
THREE replicas of Sue would be made:
Two would travel under the aegis of MacDonalds and the third would be mounted
permanently at EPCOT in Florida.
Originally, of the two MacDonalds replicas, one was to travel in the US and the
other worldwide. Apparently that plan has altered somewhat, or it may follow the
release/distribution pattern of the Disney Dinosaur movie.


Betty Cunningham wrote:

> the new National Geographic magazine has a photo of the travelling cast
> (unmounted) and also says that there are two separate travelling
> exhibits.
> -Betty Cunningham
> Rob Gay wrote:
> >
> > I remember reading in the local paper (San Jose Mercury News) that there are
> > two exibts, sponsored by McDonald's, traveling the country over the next two
> > years...if my memory serves me correctly, the other one is in Hawaii.
> > Peace,
> > Rob
> >
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> > >A traveling Sue the T. rex exhibit opens today at the Boston Museum
> > >of Science, and stays until September 4. You have to dig into the
> > >fine print before you see it's a model. Today's Boston Globe had a
> > >front-page picture with a caption that implied Sue herself was paying
> > >a visit, which was almost as great a surprise to me as it would be to
> > >the staff at the Field Museum <g>. Is this the only traveling
> > >exhibit, or are there others?
> > >
> > >Details are at:
> > >http://www.mos.org/whats_happening/new_exhibits/sue.html
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