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Tyrannosaurus proportions

Ever since I saw for the first time the first 90% complete mount of
T.rex (Jack Horner's one) at the ROM a question has been nagging me and
nobody seems to have address the issue: the body proportions of
Tyrannosaurus rex are extremely weird.
This has been corroborated by Sue... that tail is VERY short  while the
head  and thorax are enormous . This animals is extremely front-heavy to
be balanced in a perfect horizontal posture by such short tail.... where
would be the center of gravity ?  Was T.rex walking more erect than
On the other hand, the legs seem to be quite short (even if the femur is
still curved, not straight like an elephant) and the feet tiny . The
photographs on the latest National Geographic testify for it (not the
distorted one of the mounted skeleton but the one where a whole
dismounted cast of the skeleton is spread on the floor (you can take
bone by bone and measure it). Henderson's painting illustrating the
article is not at all like the proportions I see on the skeleton
(specially the very long arms and heavy legs and feet).

We were used to see composites of T. rex... now that the real thing has
come out virtually complete and our view and way of reconstructing it
must change.

Summarizing:  Together with the incredibly short neck, the picture I get
from T. rex looks like an unbalanced, bloated land torpedo in short

Maybe Chris Brochu or anyone closer to the new specimen would care to
elaborate about this.

Luis Rey

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