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Re: Traveling Sue exhibit in Boston

Yeah, the exhibits (there are two) are in Boston and Hawaii now (or will be 

Here is the complete schedule:
2000: Boston Mus. of Science, Bishop Museum of Honolulu, Science Museum of 
Minnesota in St. Paul, Natural Hist. Museum of Los Angeles.
2001: COSI in Columbus, Ohio, Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Kansas City, 
Missouri Museum, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland.
2002: Louisville Science Center, Fresno, California Metropolitan Museum, Utah 
Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake, City.
2003: Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Milwaukee Public Museum

If all goes as plans I will be able to see the exhibit in Boston later this 
summer, and should add some photos to my Sue gallery 


On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 15:28:27  
 Betty Cunningham wrote:
>the new National Geographic magazine has a photo of the travelling cast
>(unmounted) and also says that there are two separate travelling
>-Betty Cunningham
>Rob Gay wrote:
>> I remember reading in the local paper (San Jose Mercury News) that there are
>> two exibts, sponsored by McDonald's, traveling the country over the next two
>> years...if my memory serves me correctly, the other one is in Hawaii.
>> Peace,
>> Rob

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