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Re: Traveling Sue exhibit in Boston

One of the traveling Sue exhibits is at the Boston Museum of Science from
June 21st to September 4th.  See the URL below for more info:



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From: Steve Brusatte <dinoland@mailcity.com>
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Date: Friday, June 23, 2000 3:03 AM
Subject: Re: Traveling Sue exhibit in Boston

>Yeah, the exhibits (there are two) are in Boston and Hawaii now (or will be
>Here is the complete schedule:
>2000: Boston Mus. of Science, Bishop Museum of Honolulu, Science Museum of
Minnesota in St. Paul, Natural Hist. Museum of Los Angeles.
>2001: COSI in Columbus, Ohio, Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Kansas
City, Missouri Museum, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland.
>2002: Louisville Science Center, Fresno, California Metropolitan Museum,
Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake, City.
>2003: Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Milwaukee Public Museum
>If all goes as plans I will be able to see the exhibit in Boston later this
summer, and should add some photos to my Sue gallery
>On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 15:28:27
> Betty Cunningham wrote:
>>the new National Geographic magazine has a photo of the travelling cast
>>(unmounted) and also says that there are two separate travelling
>>-Betty Cunningham
>>Rob Gay wrote:
>>> I remember reading in the local paper (San Jose Mercury News) that there
>>> two exibts, sponsored by McDonald's, traveling the country over the next
>>> years...if my memory serves me correctly, the other one is in Hawaii.
>>> Peace,
>>> Rob
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