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Re: A pug-nosed crocodyliform

Hopefully Chris will give us more information, but the article states that _Simosuchus clarki_ possesses "an
extremely blunt snout, a tall, rounded skull, an
anteriorly shifted jaw joint and clove-shaped,
multicusped teeth reminiscent of those of some
ornithischian dinosaurs. This last feature implies that
the diet of the new taxon may have been predominantly
if not exclusively herbivorous." It was also possibly
a head-burrower.

And Kinman *still* won't give the crocodiles their own class!


Until it we find a crocodile with wings, I guess they're stuck in Class Reptilia. Hang on - how's that little _Lisboasaurus_ looking ...? I've heard it may have climbed trees. Any chance it could fly too????


P.S. For trivia buffs: the word 'facetious' is the only word in the English language that features the vowels a-e-i-o-u in that order, with no vowel represented more than once.

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