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Re: Herrerasaurus and Ischisaurus

Evengelos Giakoumatos wrote:

I understand that Ischi has benn sunk into Herrera, but when, why and by
whom.  Last I checked Ischi was still the subject of further research.

_Ischisaurus cattoi_ and _Frenguellisaurus ischigualastensis_ are both based on specimens that appear to be referrable to _Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis_. This was done by Sereno and Novas - e.g. Novas, F.E. (1994). J. Vert. Pal. 13: 400-423. Hence, both names are junior synonyms of _H. ischigualastensis_.

However, in a recent paper - maybe it was the description of _Guaibasaurus_ by Bonaparte et al. (1999) - the referral of _Ischi_ to _Herrera_ was disputed. I can't remember the reasons why, and I can't check at the moment because all my dino papers are in a different state at the moment.

Hope that helps!


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