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Re: Ancestors and descendants (story for Nick)

I must have missed one of Dr. Kinman's posts, but Jaime Headden supplied the 
following quote:

> <With all these derived features, we can hardly call
>  this a dinosaur even if it does share some features
>  with them. This bird beastie has been doing some
>  serious evolving.>

It looks like we have some preconceived notions about what a dinosaur should 
look like, don't we, Dr. Kinman?

Indeed, all those wonderful bird beasties have been doing lots of evolving.  
In doing so they have hugely expanded the structural, behavioral, and 
ecologial range of theropod dinosaurs, but *they have not left that range*: 
birds are a subset of dinosaurian existence, and thus they should be part of 
our concept of what it means to be a dinosaur.

Nick P.