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Re: "Feathery fossil shows birds aren't dinosaurs"

Jeff Hecht wrote:

In a word, yes. They're looking at the single specimen of the
Longisquama extended scales with a partial skeleton (head, front legs
and torso, but no tail or rear torso. They also have five separate
fossils of the extended scales or whatever you want to call them. They
did have the advantage of more modern equipment for examination than the
Russians did 30 years ago, but it's still the same specimen with cracks
and a coating of gunk which obscure some details (notably critical skull
details that diagnose whether or not it's an archosaur.

Has this specimen been CT scanned, as was done for a number of other
dino skulls recently?

It seems to me that if important skull details are obscured
x-rays/computer modeling could be very helpful in clearing things up.

Thor C. Gran III

"Doubtless the reason many of the dinosaurs died is that their bodies
were too big for their brains. With smaller bodies and bigger brains
they might have lived on."

  Golden Treasury of Natural History - 1952