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Re: "Feathery fossil shows birds aren't dinosaurs"

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From: "Matthew Bonnan" <mbonnan@hotmail.com>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Sent: June 22, 2000 10:24:38 PM GMT
Subject: Re: "Feathery fossil shows birds aren't dinosaurs"

>I don't think it is appropriate in any of this debate to call the dino/bird 
>theory a "fantasy" as Fedduccia does.  There is no reason to use such 
>rhetoric, even if one vehemently disagrees with the majority.  Scientific 
>progress is made through the weight of evidence, not through a vote for 
>popularity or ad hominem attacks. 

Thats right Matt, the rhetoric betrays the authors position as well as their 
bias.  Use of rhetoric is a way of swaying the fence-sitter and the common man 
without presenting the data.  And as for the Fedducia getting "upset" over the 
claim, I'm sure that he will be e-mailed a good amount of e-Kleenex from our 
readers here.

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