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Longisquama feathers???

Just got finished reading all the latest posts on this Longisquama issue. I`ve visited the sites with excellent closeups of the supposed feathers, and must admit they are looking  more like feathers than fern fronds. If Longi is related to Cosesaurus, (as indicated on Dave Peters site), I would feel even better about it being a possible early avian candidate. However, I just can`t see how what seem like well developed flight  feathers attached to the back could somehow migrate to the arms in later avian forms. Unless,....is it possible that they actually were attached to arms, that were folded back when the critter died? All I have seen of the whole specimen are drawings. Yet the feather picts shown recently are quite clear. Could anyone point out a good photo of the whole fossil? Or, could someone with access to such a photo, or the specimen itself (Dr Holtz?) tell me there is >NO< possibility they were attached to arms?