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Re: Longisquama feathers???

Larry Febo Wrote:

Could anyone point out a good photo of the whole fossil? Or, could someone with access to such a photo, or the specimen itself (Dr Holtz?) tell me there is >NO< possibility they were attached to arms?

Two independent analyses -- Jones et al and Hans-Dieter Sues -- say the enlongated scales (or whatever they are) were attached to muscles on the back. They were not for flapping flight. They may have been unfolded for gliding. (Longisquama was small, so it wouldn't need a tremendous aerodynamic lift).

By the way, although five separate specimens of the feather-like structures were found, Sues says that reptilian scales often come off after death, and there is no serious evidence that these could have been stray fern fronds. They came from the animal. -- Jeff Hecht