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RE: Fossil Discovery Threatens Theory of Birds' Evolution

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<< That is a problem.  I say that a flightless bird _is_ a dinosaur, but
people don't.  What we need is a diagnostic feature that we can find and say
"yes!  That's a dinosaur".  We can look at mammals' jawbones  (or teeth) and
seperate them from mammal-like reptiles, and that has made things much

The defintion of "mammal" has changed in the last decade or so. How do you
know that a live Olyagopolis would look like a reptile?  As to the former
comment, I'm pretty sure that's right. Postosucius, has a theropod-like
skull, but not a theropod-like body.

Just wait. There is new research coming on Postosuchus that will show that
it was bipedal and just a little more theropod like. Chatterjee is however
saying it had nothing what so ever to do with theropods now.