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Re: Say this slowly: theropoda is paraphylitic, theropoda is paraphlyitic.....

I wrote...
>    They also look extremely like other theropods.  Your idea has to
>why coelurosaurs and birds have so many detailed similarities with
>theropods, especially since they have zero similarity to Longisquama.  What
>reason is there NOT to think that coelurosaurs and other thropods aren't
>related?  Why do we need this particular elaborate story?

Then Eric Lurio wrote...
>Because it fits the fossil record? The ground up hypothisis is even more
>ridiculous sounding, and is only popular because the aboreal protobird had
>never been found.

    The fossil record says that coelurosaurs and other theropods are really
really similar in a lot of ways that are hard to tie with flight or living
in trees.  Even if flight did evolve in the trees,  how does your idea that
theropods are polyphyletic follow from that?  How come you can have flying
birds evolving from originally ground-dwelling archosaurs that became
arboreal, but not from origianlly ground dwelling theropods that became

LN Jeff

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