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RE: Turtle ancestry (somewhat off-topic)

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

>To this end, wait till you see the creature that Alex Downs has been
>on from the Ghost Ranch Coelophysis blocks: it looks like an aetosaur with
>toothed turtle's skull. Nearly complete skeleton a couple of feet long with
>most dermal armor in place. Don't know when he'll publish it, but it is
>forthcoming. Maybe turtles >are< highly derived archosaurs after all. Can
>no more now.

So, where does that leave Michael Lee's idea that turtles and pareiasaurs
are sister groups? And what does Maisey at the AMNH have to say about

This all depends on what part of the skeleton you look at, or DNA. If you
look just at the skull, its an Anaspid, if you look at the skeleton, a
Diapsid and the DNA, an Archosauromorph.
If it is a Diapsid, the skull holes are secondarly closed.
Very confusing, to say the least.