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Re: Say this slowly: theropoda is paraphylitic, theropoda is paraphlyitic.....

ELurio@aol.com wrote:

Kangaroo RATS, Springhaars, some south American Marsupials whose name > escape me


and leptocids, which went extinct during the Oligicene and resembled >a cross between a rat and a t-rex.

Leptictids - a cross between a rat and a t-rex? I for one am quite glad they went extinct - wouldn't want these things scurrying about in my sewer.

Okay, lets assume for the moment that Logismama(sic) is a protobird unrelated
to dinosaurs beyond the early archisauromorphs.
Then it or it's very close
reletive evolved into birds and those parabirds with the feathers that were
found in China.

Like _Longisquama_, this idea is never going to fly. These "parabirds" of yours (_Caudipteryx_ etc) are most likely true theropods, just like _Tyrannosaurus_ and _Oviraptor_ and _Coelophysis_.

You then have the Jurrassic/Cretaceous exinction event, whatever it was. As
most of the birds living at the time had clawed wings and lots of teeth,
there would be several ecological nitches to fill. Secondary flightlessness
similier to modern ratites, but with teeth and claws. What do you have? A
critter that looks superficially like a theropod. It has been shown
conclusivley that many so-called theropods like maniraptors and orthomimids
are extremely birdlike.

Phew! What a convoluted explanation! Although with a few minor refinements, I think you're on the road to independently discovering BCF. Watch out George!


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