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Re: Say this slowly: theropoda is paraphylitic, theropoda is paraphlyitic.....

Ahmed, say this slowly: I will not be sarcastic, I will not be sarcastic.

The defintion of "mammal" has changed in the last decade or so. How do you
know that a live Olyagopolis would look like a reptile?

Olyagopolis, is this a city in ancient Greece ? (O well I tried..).

seriously, what is 'Olygapolis?'

Okay, lets assume for the moment that Logismama(sic) is a protobird unrelated
to dinosaurs beyond the early archisauromorphs.

You seem very very keen to see Longisquama as a bird. The evidene does not support this, I am sorry.

(and what is 'sic' doing in your sentence - you wrote the wrong spelling yourself!! )

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