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Re: Dino illustrations

Well like an idiot I gave everybody the Gondwana link without the frame at
the top that takes you to the WHOLE website. Here's the correct link:


Sorry, hope you enjoy,


PS. I just finished the first couple of pages, they'll be up soon.

> ----------
>>From: "Brett Booth" <brettbooth@worldnet.att.net>
>>To: dinosaur@usc.edu
>>Subject: Dino illustrations
>>Date: Fri, Jun 23, 2000, 12:49 AM
>> Hello, I'm new to the list. I'm doing an online dinosaur comic, and I need a
>> little help. I'm trying to make it as accurate as I can, but there will most
>> likely be a few 'artistic' changes, and i need some reference on
>> Argentinosaurus. I've only been able to find one picture (thanks T. Mike
>> Keesey.) So if anyones knows of where I can get some other pictures of
>> restoration/fossils, it would be greatly appreciated.
>> I only have a few things up now but if you want to take a look it's at:
>> http://home.att.net/~alphabitch/Gondwana/Gondwana.html
>> Of course any comments/ critisisms are always appreciated.
>> Thank you for your time,
>> Brett Booth