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Location query

Hi, all
A general question for anyone out there who may be able to shed some light!
I've been going back through the dinosaur locations in The Dinosauria. As
you will recall, these are given in 2 different sections. For each group of
dinosaurs, there is a table of valid species giving, among other info,
locations of fossil finds for each. Then, at the end of the book, there is
a section dealing just with locations, where a list of dinosaurs found at
each location is given. 
However, if you compare the 2 sources, there are a LOT of instances where a
particular dinosaur genus is listed under a particular location in the
final section, but the location is then not listed in the table of genera
in the earlier sections. These are not entries listed as indeterminate, or
as a genus with indeterminate species, but are full genus/species names.
Does anyone know why there are so many discrepencies between the 2 sources?
The most obvious answer is that the last section lists all referrals,
whereas the individual authors of earlier sections have rejected many
suspect referrals, but I have no way of determining if this is in fact the
Thanks for any input
Graeme Worth