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Re: Dilophosaurus and Syntarsus

At 11:34 PM 6/23/00 -0700, Rob Gay wrote:
I was just sitting around, wondering, beyond what the function of the large crests in Dilophosaurus and the smaller crests of Syntarsus kayentakatae,

Well, it is likely to have been the same as that of cock's combs, or peacock's tails, or of any other large and structurally weak body parts: display to impress other members of the same species.

if any other more recently discovered theropods had such crests.

Well, there is _Cryolophosaurus_, for one. And some of the abelisaurs have some very odd facial structures indeed.

But even _Tyrannosaurus_ has small crests on its face.

In short, facial decoration of greater or lesser size is quite common in theropods.

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