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Re: Say this slowly: theropoda is paraphylitic, theropoda is paraphlyitic.....

If Longisquama had real feathers, that that's the assumption here, then
convergance is the only answer.

That is a BIG asumption Eric !!! You mean convergence between Longisquama and theropods - nbut they don not look alike at all !!

You have two superficially similar groups competing after a minor holocaust,
with dogma refusing to recognize the real truth.

I think your own statement is dogmatic - you think your idea is correct (theropods is polyphyletic, Longisquama is related to birds), but nobody else does - it doesn't mean you are right and everybody in the whole world who disagrees with you must therefor be wronbg and 'dogmatic' !!!!

You sound like an intelligent personm Eric but your responses sound a little arrogant, and your undrestanding of words like 'paraphyletic' (vs polyphyletic)and 'dogma ' and 'holocaust' is poor.
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