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Re: A pug-nosed crocodyliform

Mary Kirkaldy wrote-

> Today's Nature has the article "A pug-nosed
> crocodyliform from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar,"
> by Gregory A. Buckley, Christopher A. Brochu, David W. Krause, and Diego
> Hopefully Chris will give us more information, but the article states that
_Simosuchus clarki_ possesses "an
> extremely blunt snout, a tall, rounded skull, an
> anteriorly shifted jaw joint and clove-shaped,
> multicusped teeth reminiscent of those of some
> ornithischian dinosaurs. This last feature implies that
> the diet of the new taxon may have been predominantly
> if not exclusively herbivorous."  It was also possibly
> a head-burrower.

If no one has realized this yet, there is a very strong possibility that
THIS is Stegosaurus madagascariensis!  Remember a while back when "new
material" was found which proved S. madagascariensis "wasn't ornithischian"?
Well, this is probably it.  Not that I've actually read the article (or have
any idea why they didn't keep the original species name), but it makes
sense, doesn't it?  Just some random hypothesizing.....

Mickey Mortimer