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Re: 3 questions about Longisquama

Latin squama, genitive squamae
The inffix -at- only appear in Greek neuter names like haima (genitive
haimatos), dogma (g. dogmatos), gramma (g. grammatos), omma (g. ommatos).
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Subject: 3 questions about Longisquama

>      One question about nomenclature, and the other two questions are
> morphology.
>      (1) Is Family Longisquamidae the correct spelling, or would the
> spelling be Longisquamatidae?
>      (2) Thomas Holtz said that "most" archosauromorphs have at least 8
> cervical vertebrae.  Anybody know any of the exceptions that don't have at
> least 8 cervical vertebrae?
>      (3) Is it possible that Sharov was mistaken in stating that
> is acrodont.  Could it possibly be subthecodont or something in between
> acrodont and subthecodont?
>                          Thanks, Ken
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