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Re: Comments on _Longisquama_ in _Science_.

In a message dated 6/28/00 4:39:21 PM, k.clements@auckland.ac.nz writes:

<< Endothermy in tuna, billfish and lamnid sharks (e.g. great whites, 
porbeagles and makos) evolved independently (Block, B.A., and J.R. 
Finnerty 1994 Environmental Biology of Fishes 40: 283-302). Tuna and 
lamnid sharks are systemic endotherms (the whole body temperature is 
raised), while billfish heat only the eyes and brain by the action of 
specialized "heater" eye muscles. Thus endothermy in billfish and great 
whites is functionally quite different.

Kendall >>

Quite right. However it does indeed show that endothermy is something that 
has evolved many times in vertebrates.

eric l.