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Re: Cheetah speed [off topic]

As long as you have it fixed to a course, why not just measure
the distance and use a stopwatch? 

If you want to use the laser gun, the butt provides a much
bigger target to bounce signlas.  

At 01:05 PM 6/29/00 -0700, Oscar Quill wrote:
>--- Steve Jackson <sj@io.com> wrote:
>> Seems like a better methodology under the
>> circumstances would be to have
>> the cheetah wear a collar with a radio tag; since
>> they're running a defined
>> course you should be able to set up a good speed
>> measurement without trying
>> to keep the gun pointed at the cat. Fascinating
>> effort, regardless! Good
>> for them.
>Maybe this is subjective (I'm not really that familiar
>with technology costs [well, non-SGI related tech 
>costs, anyway]), but that sounds more expensive than a
>laser gun.