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Re: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online

I must say that I enjoyed looking at those pictures. Quite interesting. However, something on one of the skull pages (I believe it was the T.rex vs Suchomimus page) got me thinking. It's pointed out that Sucho's teeth were much more slender than Mr. Tyrant lizard king. Obviously, slender teeth are an advantage for a fish-catching lifestyle. However, is it possible that the teeth of Tyrannosaurus could have not been well adapted for cutting through flesh and tendon. I have a cast of a Tyrannosaur tooth, so I examined it, briefly. Even at the tip of the tooth, it is still the width of a AA battery. This does not seem the best device for cutting. Width=increased surface area. Increased surface area=fewer lbs/square inch. This means that the thing trying to be cut will be less likely to be cut. The tendon would wrap around the tooth, instead of being sliced by the tooth.
However, it seems like such a massive tooth would be good at crushing things (skulls, bones, etc.). However, these are just the thoughts of a poor Geology major who opted to take geology instead of physics his senior year in high school.

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Subject: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online
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A lot of you seemed to enjoy the Sue photo gallery I posted awhile back, so I though I'd announce that I recently created a similar Suchomimus gallery. This gallery contains photos I took at the Chicago Children's Museum, incluing pictures of Sucho's skeleton from the side, front, and back, the skull from the side and front, the lower jaw and rosette, Sucho's claws, the back spines of Suchomimus, and a Sucho skull compared to a T. rex skull.

This gallery can be found at http://www.geocities.com/stegob/chicagochildren.html

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