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Pick a Bone...


(Since this is my first thread here, I'll try to be a
super quick read.)

I'm looking for drawings or schematics of dinosaur
skeletons (as complete as possible as far as
bone-counts are concerned).

Specifically, I'd like to start my project with
Archaeopteryx.  What I'm going to be developing is an
OpenGL-based database of skeletons for realtime
visualization purposes.  What I'd like to be able to
do is pick two animals (source and target) and display
a report detailing the differences between the two on
a per-bone basis (such as differences in
volume/shape/size/fusing/and features).

I'll admit it now:  I don't know what I'm doing, and
I've been looking for soemthing that gives me section,
elevation, and plan views of dinosaur bones and

Ultimately, I'd like to display the real shapes of the
bones, but for right now, I think I'll limit myself to
primitives (spheres and cylinders) until the engine is
refined and in place.

I also welcome feedback on the nature of this
application, features anyone would like to see, and a
general sense of how *useful* this might be to someone
in the field of paleontology.  I intend on providing a
freely distributable application, once it's finished,
although development will be limited to the SGI for

Okay, shoot.

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