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Re: Doesn't George have a point?

Does someone have a reference for an online cladistic diagram that shows the
lineage for both of these models?


"Jerry D. Harris" wrote:

> >What I'm asking is really simple.  Is it in line with
> >prevailing standards of scientific analysis of
> >prehistoric life to hypothesize that birds are
> >dinosaur descendants when the dinosaurs the birds are
> >said to have descended from come after the first birds
> >in the known fossil record
>    OK, two things here:
> (1) Who said dromaeosaurids were avian _ancestors_?  Last I understood, they
> were considered the _sister_group_, but not actual ancestors. Thus, the
> common ancestor of both birds and dromaeosaurids must have been present
> prior to _Archaeopteryx_; _not_ necessarily that dromaeosaurids go back that
> far (although this brings up when one would call something stemming off from
> that ancestor a "dromaeosaurid"...)

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