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At 06:02 am 30/06/00 -0700, Betty Cunningham wrote:
>dunno about swimming fer sure but the Nat Geo article about the woman
>who went camel-back across Australia a couple of years ago sure had
>pictures of 'em wallowing about in an ocean.

        In the same vein, I'd heard it was *giraffes* with the problem..

In the back of my mind, the image forms.. is this related to the *gait* of
the animal? Since camels and giraffes are meant to move by swinging both
legs on the ame side of the body, could this be a hindrance?

>> The books say that camels can't swim. I really don't know if this is true.
>> Some humans can't swim:) Swifts and hummingbirds can't swim

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