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natatory Geochelone

     Somebody has asked about whether giant tortoises can swim.  Apparently 
     they float like corks:
     "Giant tortoises are capable of oceanic crossings, riding the waves 
     like an inflatable raft, head up, patient, enduring days or even weeks 
     afloat."  David Quammen, 1996, _The Song of the Dodo: Island 
     Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions, Scribner, pp. 121-23.
     This is a secondary source, but it probably wouldn't be hard to track 
     down the primary literature.
     Incidentally, I have plugged this book before.  It is a fine read, and 
     will put lots of ideas relevant dinosaur biology into your head.
     I can imagine an ankylosaur or other big dinosaur patiently enduring 
     such a trip.