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><<When strict cladists respond in this way, and infer that someone
>doesn't know the difference between dinosaurs (sensu stricto) and dinosaurs
>(sensu lato, i.e., including birds), I think they hurt not only
>cladistic classification (which I use up to a point), but also cladistic
>analytical methods (which I find very valuable).>>

But that was my point - the "difference" between a dinosaur and a bird is
precisely the same as the "difference" between a mammal and a dog, or
between a vertebrate and a lungfish.  When someone asks if any known
dinosaur could do something, I assume they mean all dinosaurs, living or
extinct.  That is the standard definition in use by dinosaur specialists
today.  I wasn't trying to poke fun at anyone - a question was asked, and I
answered it.


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