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What's going on

I am basically a Mayrian, and even more so an Ashlockian systematist. However, I have tried to go beyond their methodologies to explicitly state sister group inforation in my classifications. That is why the cross-referencing Kinman markers are there.
In your example, Tyler would be a choanoflagellate (almost an animal but not quite, as you put it). Marla would be a primitive sponge. So I will show you how my classification shows Metazoa evolved from (has a sister group within) Choanozoa, and also how Metaphyta is shown evolving from (having a sister group within) Chlorophyta. The coding is now out-of-date, but it will demonstrate what I am saying (for sake of brevity, I am giving the coding and taxon names only):
3 Rhodophyta
4 Chlorophyta
_a_ {{Metaphyta}}
5 Choanozoa
_a_ {{Metazoa}}
6 Eumycota
Within Chlorophyta, I put the same {{Metaphyta}} marker at Class and Order levels as well:
1 Charophycea
1 Chlorokybales
2 Klebsormidiales
B Conjugales
3 Coleochaetales
B {{Metaphyta}}
4 Charales
_a_ {{Metaphyta}}
2 Prasinophycea
(chlorophytes continued......)
As you can see, I code Metaphyta as sister group to Order Coleochaetales, but I can still upgrade Metaphyta to Kingdom Level (reflecting divergence and diversity) as Mayr and Ashlock would advocate.
Such a fusion of eclectic and cladistic classificatory methods allows us to have our cake and eat it too (so to speak). Intermediate category names are no longer formally recognized, being coded instead, but can be referred to informally (just as in my thecodont classification, I referred to the ornithodiran clade) and can even be explicitly shown to the left of the classification.
I have gone a step beyond Ashlock and Mayr in making eclectic classifications "cladisto-friendly", and hopefully also making strictly cladistic classification more "eclectic-friendly". Thus Hull's 1979 statement is no longer true: "no methods have been set out thus far which permit the inclusion of both sorts of information [genealogy and divergence] in a single classification in such a way that both are retrievable." Such a middle ground approach is now available.
--------Ken Kinman
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