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RE: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000 16:28:20  
 Martin Human wrote:

>Yes, that thought did occur to me, essentially anything within range of the
>arms has already come into range of the jaws.....which does make one wonder
>about fish as a diet....I mean, the jaws look superb for catching, and the
>claws for holding, but does the sleton articulate so that the claws could
>pin teh fish to the ground while the jaws rip lumps off (rather like a bear
>with salmon). After all, 10+ ft long fish are a job to swallow whole....

Well, I think a key piece of evidence manifesting a fish eating diet is 
Suchomimus' rosette, or chin like projection on its lower jaw.  See 

This appendage contained the most and largest teeth on the Suchomimus jaw.  
Why? The location of the rosette allowed for the front teeth on the lower and 
upper jaws to mesh together, creating a sort of cage.  This 'cage' would have 
prevented the slippery fish from escaping the mouth of Suchomimus.

Just curious, have rosettes similar to this one been seen in other spinosaurs 
or theropods?


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